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Encapsulation Unit – Var J30

For commercial applications check publications and
patents on the technology. For more details see attached flyer page 2.

The J30 is the aerodynamically assisted jetting equipment shown on the figure below. The product enters through a central needle. The exit orifice, which is centrally in line with the axis of the needle, has been counter-sunk externally. The counter sunk leads to the aero dynamical effect so that the jet has a smaller diameter when passing the orifice than before at the needle. The needle is enclosed in a pressure chamber with an exit through the orifice. The size of the drops is determined by the product flow rate and the pressure inside the chamber. The product flow rate is typically controlled by a hyprecission syringe to be connected to the product nozzle. The pressure in the pressure chamber is controlled by the specifically for the J30 developed Nisco pressure control unit consisting of a pressure sensor and a digital indication. The pressure set point can be fixed with a potentiometer.

principle of aerodynamically assisted jetting
principle of aerodynamically assisted jetting

Typical bead distribution: The beads were made with the nominal sized unit of 350 μm, resulting peak at 20 μm


Var J30The bead generator with coaxial airflow is basically made of stainless steel 1.4435 (equivalent 316L) and can withstand most chemicals and high temperatures, which make the unit very suitable for any disinfecting/cleaning method including autoclave cleaning. As gaskets O-rings made of EPDM are delivered. For pharmaceutical or medical applications the required material certificates are available.

The J30’s basic package includes two pairs of nozzles/orifices. You can choose the following sizes: 0.10; 0.25; 0.35 and 0.50 mm. Coaxial nozzles are also available. This unique technology has the following advantage: The reachable smallest particle is approximately 1:10 smaller than the needle diameter, depending on the physical properties of the product and on the customer’s requirements, in regard to the particle homogeneity even smaller. You can achieve very small particles with a minimised danger of clogging. So near homogenous particles around 10 micrometer are now in the reach with the J30.

Encapsulation unit J30 with one flask

Encapsulation uni tJ30 with two flasks

Encapsulation unit J30 with high pressure

Please use the Info-Form to ask for the adequate encapsulation system for your specific applications.

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pdf Download VAR J30 as PDF file (135KB)
pdf Download Encapsulation unit J30 with one flask (63KB)
pdf Download Encapsulation unit J30 with two flask (65KB)
pdf Download Encapsulation unit J30 with high pressure (63KB)