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We are encapsulating:   For the following purpose:
Chemicals / drugs   artificial seeds
proteins   artificial tissue / organs
bacteria   controlled drug release
yeast or fungi   environmental application
plant cells   food application
animal cells   basic research

Currently we are using the following technology:
manually   piezo electric nozzle
laminar-jet-break-up   spray drying
jet cutting   spinning disc

We work with the following type of beads:
We use the following matrix
(e.g. 2% calcium alginate):
With a viscosity (e.g. 250mPas):  
Our typical batch size is
(e.g. 500ml):
We need bead diameter(s)
(e.g. 200 µm):
We work with the following flow rate (e.g. 5kg/h):  

We have the following requirements:
sterile working conditions   (multiple) coating
FDA-requirements   monodisperse bead size

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