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The Nisco encapsulation/immobilisation systems have applications in the following fields.

Hydrogels and Nisco Technologies for Encapsulation (Dr. Djordje Zekovic and Mr. Nicolai Suter)
Dr. Suwan Jayasinghe (University College London, UCL) - Novel direct strategies to tissue engineering and regenerative medicine
Animal cells and microorganism ( Jan Melvik, Oslo, Magyar/Suter, Zurich, Flyer "Encapsulation of living cells")
Environmental technology (EPFL- Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne)
Plant cells (artificial seeds)
Enzymes and catalysators Martin Gehri, preenTec AG
Flavour and fragrances (slow perception)
Drugs (slow release medication)
Food and nutriceuticals ( Christoph Lacroix, ETH, Zurich)


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