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Field of application: Chemical
User address: Dr. René Pellaux
PreenTec AG
Esc. du Court-Chemin 19
1704 Fribourg
Homepage: http://www.preentec.ch


Preen Tec utilizes NISCO Encapsulator Var D for production of hydrogel beads from both naturally occurring (alginate, carrageenan, agarose, pectinate, cellulose derivatives, chitosan, etc.) or synthetic (polyacrylics, polyvinylalcohol, polyethyleneimine, etc.) gel precursors. Activities include internal R&D projects as well as services (process development, toll manufacturing) offered to customers.

Some examples of recently developed products

Sorptive composite materials for extractive biotransformations:

Sorptive composites consist of finely dispersed sorptive particles (e.g. alumina, functionalized silicas or clays, activated carbon, or polymeric nanoparticles) that are embedded into hydrogels. The materials are used for in situ extraction of small molecules or proteins from complex mixtures without mediating any detrimental effect on cells or enzymes.

Entrapment of microorganisms or proteins used as biocatalysts in
fermentation or biotransformation processes:

Upon embedment long-term activity of sensitive biological catalysts (cells or
enzymes) can be enhanced. Furthermore, catalysts can be readily recovered from reaction liquor by sedimentation or sieving, which allows facilitating downstream processing steps and repetitive use of biological catalysts.

Synthesis of spherical superabsorbent particles:

Superabsorbents are hydrogels that rapidly bind aqueous media upon swelling. Binding capacities are in the order of three magnitudes of supersorbents’ dry weight. Preen Tec develops products for the Life Science industries based on superabsorbent polymers.

Nisco Unit used : VAR D
Bead size used: 200 µm bis 1400 µm
Matrix used: Alginate, carrageenan, agarose, pectinate, cellulose derivatives, chitosan


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