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Encapsulation Unit –VARD2Go 6 – 12

This electromagnetically driven multi nozzle unit based on the laminar-jet-break-up is suitable for a large number of encapsulation applications (e.g. enzyme / drug immobilisation, cell encapsulation, cosmetic applications and many more), which open many new technological possibilities.

The advantages of head for multi nozzle application:

    · There are two heads available in one. One for the single nozzle (low flow rate) and one for the multi nozzle (high flow rate) application.
    · The change of mechanical parts is not needed.
    · The stroboscope holder and the clamp are the same parts which can be mounted without tools.
    · The green marked nozzle holder is made in titanium with the required material
    · The nozzle sizes can be exchanged for your process development.
    · 6-nozzle holder with 6 nozzle plate as well as a 12 nozzle holder with 12 nozzle pate can be mounted on the unit.
Holder with nozzle plate with 6 holes 80 to
1000μm (per nozzle size)
Holder with nozzle plate with 12 holes 80 to
1000μm (per nozzle size)

With the supplied adaptation piece which can be mounted on the head for multi-nozzle the work with the single nozzle for the process development purpose is possible.

For work with two different liquids coaxial 6 nozzle head is available.

Please use the Info-Form to ask for the adequate encapsulation system for your specific applications.

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