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Pressure Feeding System with Flask

Applicable for VAR B, D (classic, continuous, Gen. II, Professional), J1, J30, W1, V1 (multi nozzle head)

The pressure feeding system consists of:

  1. Pressure reducing station.
  2. Flask 250ml with three nozzles on the head: one for vent, one for transfer with a tip tube and one for filling.
  3. Stainless steel safety basket for protection if flask bursts.


1. Pressure reducing station see flyer "Pressure Reducing Station with Manometer".

Nisco’s specifications:    
0.05-0.7 barg A-00760 Stainless steel addition
tanks / glass flask
addition systems

2. Flask

Working pressure range: -1 tp 1-5barg
Max. working pressure: 140°C
Material: Duran
Borosilic. glass 3.3

Certificate for pressure resistance:
Acc. DIN ISO 1595, confirmed with GS-Sign
(TUEV ID: 0000020716)
Accessories for flask:  
Cover: PEEK with EPDM Gasket an three nozzles GL14
Vent nozzle:

Vent nozzle with sterile filter
for air pressure and vent.
Transfer nozzle: Hose material: PTFE for connection through bottle head, long as a tip tube, adapter for smooth hose (silicone or pharmamed)
Blind nozzle: Hose material: PTFE for connection through bottle head, short into the bottle head, adapter for smooth hose (silicone or pharmamed). Has additional one blind red cap.

Transfer / filling nozzle
3. Safety basket

When working with pressure a safety basket made of stainless steel 1.4301 is of advantage. If the glass has a crevice or if the pressure is too high (it can for example happen if it is connected to the wrong pressure or if the pressure reducing station is defective), the glass can burst. In order to protect the operator and the other staff in the lab always put the flask into the basket when working under pressure.

Please use the Info-Form to ask for the adequate encapsulation system for your specific applications.

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