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Encapsulation Systems VAR J1 Complete Installation

Complete installation  
1. Pressure Reducing Station consisting of precision pressure reducing Valve, manometer and fixation bar for mounting on a support
2. Suspension Flow Meter made of alumi-nium consisting of floating body 0-8 L/min and fixation bar for mounting on a support
3. Stainless Steel Lab Support (base plate with bar 12mm diameter with fixation devices for the flow meter, the pressure reducing station and the VAR J1 encapsulation unit)
4. Encapsulation Unit VAR J1 including an adapter, a sterile filter for air and one set of spare parts (gaskets and spare needle)
5. Beaker
6. Agitator
7. Support for Syringe Pump height adjustment made of aluminium

8. Syringe Pump KD6S Model 100
(KDS Scientific)

Please use the Info-Form to ask for the adequate encapsulation system for your specific applications.

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pdf Download PDF-File Complete installtion (50KB)
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